Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Yves Rocher: Detangling Styling Water

Since I had a smaller budget for cosmetics, I decided to try some Yves Rocher products (since they are a lot cheaper and because I can order them from the NL webshop and without a credit card).

I bought some deororant rollers, skin care products, some hair care products and some random other stuff.
A lot of those products were 2 for the price of 1 or 50% off the price, so I got a good deal on everything ;).

I bought 3 hair products to make my hair smooth, to detangle it and stop de ends from being frizzy.
I actually have really good hair.
It's smooth because it's so fine and it's very long (somewhere around my waist).
However, I've mostly been using hair products by Lush the last few years, and as you might now, those products are made without silicones.

And that matters how?

Well...silicones creater a layer around your hair, that makes it smooth and frizz-free and easy to comb through.

Since I was using Lush, I didn't have a silicon layer around my hair to keep it detangled.
So my hair was constantly in knotts and tangles and just generally messy (especiall after riding my bicycle).

That's why I bought some Yves Rocher to solve this problem (in winter my hair gets even more stubborn, and it's already fall).

The products I bought were:
*a 3 in 1 shampoo to make my hair smooth in less time (no need for conditioner)
*a detangling spray
*a hydrating 1 minute hair mask (though it says on the pot you're supposed to leave it in or 2 minutes!?)

Today I will review the detangling spray.

The spray comes in a see-through green bottle with a black spray-cap.
The label is white with black and green letters and a picture on it.
I feel like the packaging has a natural and expensive vibe.

However, the bottle is €8,90 for 200ml (though I payed less for it).
This is pretty cheap.

How to use:
After showering you spray it on towel-dry hair.
You can use a little, but if you haven't used any conditioner and/or your hair is a tangled mess you can also use a lot (I do that regularly).
You just spray a few sprays on top, a few on each side and a few on the back and then smooth your hands over your hair and you're done.
Easy huh :D !?

The Result:
When my hair dries, it looks more supple and has more volume.
It is shinier, it's smooth and easy to comb and best of all: the ends aren't frizzy at all!!!
Great about this spray is that it doesn't make my hair greasy :).
My hair gets greasy easily (that's why I need to wash it every day), but this lotion doesn't make it any more greasy than normal.
So, you only get benefits from this product!

Also it smells lovely like blossoms (that's probably since there are blossoms used to make this ingredient).

This product isn't as natural as Lush's products are.
It's comparable to The Body Shop (only better).
There are safe chemicals in this products but also natural ingredients and extracts (that's why it works so well!!!)

*does a great job on making your hair smooth, frizz and tangle free and makes it easy to comb
*doesn't make your hair greasy
*smells lovely like flowers
*isn't very expensive (and a little goes a long way)
*often you get this for less than the full prices
*you can order this in most countries (most countries have their on webshop and mailorder)
*Yves Rocher is more natural than a lot of other brands, and uses more natural ingredients and less chemicals, and also a lot of biological ingredients
*Yves Rocher is kind to man and nature
*Yves Rocher doesn't test on animals (anymore)
*this product doesn't contain parabens
*free delivery if you order for more than €25
*free gifts with your order
*much better, cheaper and more natural than other detangling sprays I've tried (like L'Oreal)

*not for you if you hate the smell of flowers
*isn't completely natural, uses more chemicals than Lush, in that case Yves Rocher is similar to The Body Shop, though I think Yves Rocher has better products and is way cheaper!
*isn't handmade (unlike Lush)
*there aren't a lot of Yves Rocher stores left in the Netherlands, so it's hard to go to a store to sniff and try the products

There barely is anything negative to say about this product!
It works a treat, smells great, is cheap, easily to come by, not tested on animals, etc.
The only downside is that it isn't as natural as products by Lush (but that's also why it works so well, those are the chemicals at work!).

Would I buy this product again: hell yeah (I'm think about stocking up on this one, bye bye frizzy-detangled mess called hair!).

Rating: 9

I give it a 9 because it's amazing. It would have gotten a 10 if it was more natural, but hey you can't have it all!

Have you got any products by Yves Rocher you just can't live without?
Let me know in the comments, if you like.

Until next time,


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