Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Lush: 9 to 5 Facial Cleanser

A few weeks ago I participated in a Lush UK GO where I ordered a few Lush things, including 9 to 5, which I had heard great things about.

The packaging is simple.
It's sold in a black bottle in 2 sizes (95 and 240g) and I've got the big one.
There's a black label with white letters on the bottle.
Somehow, because of it's simplicity, I think this product looks like luxery.

The products itself is white.

9 to 5 is scented with a flowery scent that reminds me of (though it's definitely not the same) Ghost Shower Gel and Lily Savon Soap (both Lush).

How to use:
Sqeeze a dollop on your hand and rub it on your skin where you want it cleansed.
Then use a wet cottonpad or washcloth (use warm water) to take the product and the make-up dan dirt off your face.
If you're only cleaning your eyes, using a cotton pad is fine.
If your cleaning your whole face (and especially if you have full face make-up on), using a washcloth may be better.
9 to 5 can also be used for taking your make-up off before showering (I certainly do sometimes ;) ).

I think 9 to 5 is really easy to use (definitely easier than Ultrabland, though Ultrabland may cleanse better).
You just rub it on your skin and then take it off with warm water and a cotton pad/washcloth.

Afterwards (after patting my skin dry), my skin feels really soft and hydrated.
It wouldn't even be necessary to moisturise because it already feels hydrated.
Nevertheless, it's wise to use a night/day cream anyway (to help your skin repair itself during the night, to reduce pimples, etc.)

The day after (I've only been using this before bed) my skin still feels soft and hydrated and looks fresh.
However, one time I didn't wash 9 to 5 off my eyes well enough, so they were a bit puffy :(.

*smells great
*makes your skin soft and hydrated
*it's easy to use
*it isn't very expensive (if you order it from the UK it's £7,95 for the big bottle)
*the packaging looks good in your bathroom
*it wasn't tested on animals
*it's vegetarian
*it's easy to come by (shops and webshop in the Netherlands, the UK Germany, other European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia, among others)

*it doesn't clean extremely thoroughly
*if you don't like flowery smells, its not for you
*if you order it from the Netherlands or in a Dutch Lush shop, it is expensive (€14,95 for the big bottle)
*it might make your eyes feel and look a bit puffy if you don't clean the product off your eyes very well

Conclusie: reasonable prices, easy to use cleanser that has a nice flowery smell.
It takes grime and make-up off your face, but it isn't a cleanser that cleans extremely thorough.
Also, take the product off your eyes well enough, or you might get puffy eyes.
I really like and recommend this!!!

Would I buy this product again: YES!

I rate this product 8,5 stars, because your eyes can get a bit puffy if you don't wash it off well enough.

Have you tried this product yet, or will you anytime soon?
Let me know what you think.

Until next time,


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