Thursday, October 28, 2010

MNY: Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Last week, MNY finally started selling their make-up in the Netherlands.
It's only available at Etos stores (all stores except for the ones at train/bus stations).
MNY has a great collection of make-up items, all with a maxium price of €3 :D which is great.
At the display, the products aren't sorted by product, but by different colour lines (I think there are like 6 or 7 different lines).
This means that at each colour line the products are sorted by product.
For example: at the pink product line you find blushes grouped together, lip glosses grouped together, eye shadows grouped together, nail polishes grouped together, etc.

MNY has a lot of natural colours but also a lot of brights, in short: something for everyone!
Also they have a Limited Edition collection every 2 months.

I bought a lot of MNY products (because each 2nd product was half price!).
So I got a lot to swatch and to review :D.
This post will only be about the lip glosses.
I'll blog about the eye shadows, blushes and nail polishes later!

I bought 3 lip glosses (from left to right):
*365 (a peachy/coral like coulour with golden shimmer)
*377 (a raspberry red/pink coulour with silver shimmer and glitter in it)
*581 (a dark, plummy pruple with silver, blue and purple shimmer in it)

As you can see, MNY products don't have any cute names (like the Catrice products have), they only have numbers.
I would have liked names + numbers better because names are easy to remember and numbers are more difficult to remember.
MNY probably has a good reason to only use numbers though.

The lip glosses with flash:

And without flash:

You can really see the shimmer on the photo's.
Like I said, the peach one has golden shimmer, that looks really good on the lips.
The red one is red in the tube, but raspberry on the lips and has silver shimmer and glitter in it (though the glitter is really subtle).
As you can see on the pic, the purple is the most shimmery of these 3 glosses.
It has silver, blue and purple shimmer in it and is gorgeous on the lips.

I swacthed the lip glosses on the back of my hand first:

With flash, from left to right: 581, 377, 365.

Without flash: 581, 377, 365.

In real life the colours are darker than on the pics.
They are also more shimmery.

Now, onto the swatches on the lips:

*365 (the peachy one)

Sadly, the pics don't show the golden shimmer very well (since I made the pics with my MacBook instead of my camera), so in real life it's a lot more shimmery and the colour is also more golden and less ordinary.
The coverage of this lip gloss is great and it doesn't get into the lines of your lips.

*377 (the red raspberry one)

As you can see, it is more of a raspberry colour than a red.
However in real life, it's darker, brighter and more raspberry than on the pic.
You can see a little silver shimmer and glitter when it's on the lips but it's very subtle.
It doesn't show on the pic though.
The coverage of this lip gloss isn't as great as the other two.
Therefore it's probably better to wear on top of a lip stick or lip liner than on it's own.
This one doesn't get into the lines of your lips either.

*581 (the plummy, purple one)

It's a very vibrant an shimmery purple.
The shimmer doesn't show very well, but when wearing it it really shows!
It's a bit darker than on the pics and a but more purple.
Just like the other two, this lip gloss doesn't get into the lines of your lips.

These lip glosses aren't sticky, or balmy or barely there.
Nevertheless they stay on longer than lip glosses by Catrice, without being sticky.
Also they smell fruity.
A few bloggers have described the scent as chemical, but I actually love it.
It's probably best to smell the lip gloss in store before you buy it.

The lip glosses were €2,49, I think, which I think is a bargain, especially for the quality and the great colours.

I would rate these lip glosses 9 stars and I would definitely buy these again.

Have you tried any of the new lip glosses by MNY, or are you going to?

Until next time,


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