Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game: Fable III

Today I'm posting about something that isn't beauty related.

Yesterday, my boyfriend bought a new game: Fable III (for the XBOX 360).
I have Fable I and Fable II as well and they are my favourite games!

Naturally, I was really excited when my bf came home with the 3rd Fable ;).
I was curious to find out, if it was as good as the previous 2, and let me tell you: it is!!!
In this game you play a prince or princess that has to lead a revolution against your brother (the king!), in a world called Albion.
You have to help people in need so they become you allies, and off course you need to fight using melee weapons, shooting weapons and magic spells.
The decisions you make (good or evil) will make you become who you are.
If you are pure and only do good deeds you become angelic, but if you do evil you wil become devilish.
Being good or evil also shows in your appearance (for example: when you're really evil you get horns!).

Like in Fable II you also have a dog in this one, which you can train to fight and find treasures :D.

The only thing I dislike about this game so far, is that the game play is different in a lot of ways and therefore takes a few days of getting used to.
Since I just started yesterday I'm still in that process, but I'm learning :).

A few pics of what the game looks like:

Some sort of battle/fight.

A town at sunrise or sundown.

The evil king (your brother)!!!

This is what you'll look like if you are the prince (and the girl is your best friend).
You'll only look like this in the beginning.
After this you will soon look different!

Another picture of a town.
Aren't the graphics awesome!?

The Fable III Teaser Trailer:

Are you familiar with the Fable games?
And will you buy this one?

Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,


Friday, October 29, 2010

MNY:Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

I went a bit overboard with the eye shadows, since I bought eleven of them!
MNY has some colours that were not in my stash at all (like bright red and green but also some lighter peachy and pink colours), so I needed them to complete my stash

As you can see, the colours I bought range from peaches and pinks, through bright red and purple shades, through brown and some green and blue/green shades.

Please keep in mind that I took these pcitures at night with lamp light, which makes the colours appear different then they are.
The shimmer and glitter doesn't show well on these pics and sometimes the colour on the pics is completely diferent than in real life.
When that's the case I'll mention it though, so no worries!

A lot of colours are shimmery, but in the frosted kind.
That means that it is shimmery without any type of really fine glitter (which most shimmery eye shadows have).

From left to right: 317, 229, 213 and 329.
The first 3 are shimmery (the frosted kind) and the fourth one is matte.
*317 is a shimmery peach (probably the most shimmery of these 4 eye shadows).
*229 is a shimmery light pink (less shimmery than 317).
*213 is a dusty rose colour, it's pink, it's a bit of a light puce, this one is darker than 317 and 229.
*329 is a matte bright red, it's quite fierce!

From left to right: 529, 517, 537 and 417.
The first two are shimmer (frosted), the third has both shimmer (frosted) and some glitter, and the fourth one is shimmer (also frosted).
*529 is a pretty shimmery purple with blue undertones and is much lighter and brighter than on the pics.
*517 is a shimmery magenta like purple which is like a mix of magenta and purple, definitely not the pink you see on the pics and a lot lighter and brighter as well.
*537 looks dark grey on the pics but in reality it's a dark, dusty purple mixed with grey, it has shimmer and fine glitter in it(not those awfull big chunks!).
*417 is a shimmery brown colour, but nowhere near chocolate or something like that, more like a taupe colour (without the purple or grey) and more like messing/bronze/copper. A bit metal like. The green hue you see on the pics doesn't exist in reality.

From left to right: 729, 737 and 637.
These are all shimmery (the frosted kind) though 637 is more shimmery than the other two.
*729 is a bright shimmery lime green that is ligther and brighter than on the pic.
*737 is a light shimmery teal colour (love this one!) that's, again, lighter and brighter than on the pic.
*637 is a bright shimmery petrol colour that's brighter and more blue than on the pic.

As you can see I really need to make some good pics during day light, so the eye shadows show their true colour!
When I find the time to make new pics, I'll post them.

Now, onto the swatches (these were also made at night with lamp light):

*All the shadows:

From left to right: 637, 737, 729, 417, 537, 517, 529, 329, 213, 229, and 317.

*The peach, pinks and red:

From top to bottom: 317, 229, 213 and 329.
As you can see, 317 is a light golden peach.
229 is a light pink, and 213 is a darker dusty rose kind of pink.
329 is a red colour that isn't as bright as it is in the pan, but much more red than it shows on the pic.

*The purples and the brown colour:

From top to bottom: 529, 517, 537 and 417.
The colours are brighter and more shimmery in real life.
As you can see, 529 is a shimmery, blue-ish purple, 517 a shimmery, magenta-like purple and 537 a dark, grey-like shimmery purple with fine glitter.
417 is a brown-ish colour with shimmer, that's really pretty!

*The greens and blues:

From top to bottom: 729, 737 and 637.
The colours are brighter and more shimmery than the pics show.
729 is a light, bright, lime green with a little shimmer, 737 is a light, bright teal with a little shimmer and 637 is a nice bright petrol with more shimmer than the other two.

As for the quality, most of the eye shadows have enough pigment, though most colours were not as bright on skin as in the pan.
Most disappointing was 729 (the lime green one) since I was hoping for an extremely bright result.
That wasn't the case, but I still think it's a nice eye shadow!
The colours would probably be a lot more pigmented if used over an eye shadow base though.

When I use my brush to get eye shadow out of the pan, there is some loose powder coming off it, but that doesn't bother me much.

The eye shadow has good staying powder and I really like it (especially if you realise they only cost €2,49 each).

The only downside is that the eye shadows are a bit difficult to open at first.
There is a transparent sticker keeping it closed that you need to take off first.
After that opening can still be a bit tricky, but you get the hang of it after opening a few boxes, so that isn't a problem either.
Sadly, I managed to scratch my red eyeshadow being clumsy trying to open it :(.

*lot of colours available
*cheap (€2,49 each)
*available at all Etos stores (except the ones at train statins)
*enough pigment (especially when used on an eye shadow base)
*the eye shadow feels soft
*doesn't break when you drop the pan on the ground (I did!)

*crumbles a bit when you sweep your brush over it
*if you like extremely bright results, these shadows probably aren't pigmented enough
*the pans are a bit tricky to open at first
*MNY is a part of Maybelline which tests on animals!!!

I would rate these 7,5 stars, because they are good and cheap, but not amazing, and because Maybelline tests on animals.

Would I buy this again: Yes!!!

Have you tried any of these MNY shadows?
And do you like them?

Until next time,


Thursday, October 28, 2010

MNY: Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Last week, MNY finally started selling their make-up in the Netherlands.
It's only available at Etos stores (all stores except for the ones at train/bus stations).
MNY has a great collection of make-up items, all with a maxium price of €3 :D which is great.
At the display, the products aren't sorted by product, but by different colour lines (I think there are like 6 or 7 different lines).
This means that at each colour line the products are sorted by product.
For example: at the pink product line you find blushes grouped together, lip glosses grouped together, eye shadows grouped together, nail polishes grouped together, etc.

MNY has a lot of natural colours but also a lot of brights, in short: something for everyone!
Also they have a Limited Edition collection every 2 months.

I bought a lot of MNY products (because each 2nd product was half price!).
So I got a lot to swatch and to review :D.
This post will only be about the lip glosses.
I'll blog about the eye shadows, blushes and nail polishes later!

I bought 3 lip glosses (from left to right):
*365 (a peachy/coral like coulour with golden shimmer)
*377 (a raspberry red/pink coulour with silver shimmer and glitter in it)
*581 (a dark, plummy pruple with silver, blue and purple shimmer in it)

As you can see, MNY products don't have any cute names (like the Catrice products have), they only have numbers.
I would have liked names + numbers better because names are easy to remember and numbers are more difficult to remember.
MNY probably has a good reason to only use numbers though.

The lip glosses with flash:

And without flash:

You can really see the shimmer on the photo's.
Like I said, the peach one has golden shimmer, that looks really good on the lips.
The red one is red in the tube, but raspberry on the lips and has silver shimmer and glitter in it (though the glitter is really subtle).
As you can see on the pic, the purple is the most shimmery of these 3 glosses.
It has silver, blue and purple shimmer in it and is gorgeous on the lips.

I swacthed the lip glosses on the back of my hand first:

With flash, from left to right: 581, 377, 365.

Without flash: 581, 377, 365.

In real life the colours are darker than on the pics.
They are also more shimmery.

Now, onto the swatches on the lips:

*365 (the peachy one)

Sadly, the pics don't show the golden shimmer very well (since I made the pics with my MacBook instead of my camera), so in real life it's a lot more shimmery and the colour is also more golden and less ordinary.
The coverage of this lip gloss is great and it doesn't get into the lines of your lips.

*377 (the red raspberry one)

As you can see, it is more of a raspberry colour than a red.
However in real life, it's darker, brighter and more raspberry than on the pic.
You can see a little silver shimmer and glitter when it's on the lips but it's very subtle.
It doesn't show on the pic though.
The coverage of this lip gloss isn't as great as the other two.
Therefore it's probably better to wear on top of a lip stick or lip liner than on it's own.
This one doesn't get into the lines of your lips either.

*581 (the plummy, purple one)

It's a very vibrant an shimmery purple.
The shimmer doesn't show very well, but when wearing it it really shows!
It's a bit darker than on the pics and a but more purple.
Just like the other two, this lip gloss doesn't get into the lines of your lips.

These lip glosses aren't sticky, or balmy or barely there.
Nevertheless they stay on longer than lip glosses by Catrice, without being sticky.
Also they smell fruity.
A few bloggers have described the scent as chemical, but I actually love it.
It's probably best to smell the lip gloss in store before you buy it.

The lip glosses were €2,49, I think, which I think is a bargain, especially for the quality and the great colours.

I would rate these lip glosses 9 stars and I would definitely buy these again.

Have you tried any of the new lip glosses by MNY, or are you going to?

Until next time,


Friday, October 22, 2010

Gosh Autumn Look

For the blog Oh My Gosh I made this Autumn Look.
She has a give-away with Gosh products, and to win those goodies you have to make an autumn look, with at least a few Gosh products, based on a photograph you like.

I chose this picture:

I love the warm red and orange tones, and I thought they were beautiful colours to use in an autumn look!

The Result:

It turned out to be a bright, warm autumn look, that reminds me of the leaves you can find in forests and on the streets.
I think this is actually wearable.
It's definitely suited for party's but it can also be worn in the day if you like to wear bright make-up (not a great idea for wall flowers, because you WILL get noticed wearing this ;) ).

A closer look at the eyes:

And the lips:

And the complete look (including nail polish):

The pictures don't show the colours of the make-up very well.
In real life the colours were MUCH more intense.
Sadly the cam on my macbook makes the colours less intense (and blogger dulls them as well :S ).

Anyway, here's everything I used:

All the Gosh products I used:

What I used for my face:

*Velvet Touch Line Perfector (face primer) (Gosh)
*Mattifying Finish Pressed Powder (Gosh)
*Professional Powder Brush (Catrice)

Eye products:

*Return To Paradise Eye Shadow in 01 Cockatoo (I used the orange one) (Essence)
*Magic Of Beauty Eye Shadow in 10 Volcano (I used the copper colour) (Lacura)
*Caramé Intense Eye Shadow in C04 Spiced Bronze (Catrice)
*My Shadow Eye Shadow in 329 (MNY)
*Sparkling Eye Shadow Powder in 13 (Wild & More)
*Caramé Intense Eye Shadow in C03 Spiced Red (Catrice)
*Magic Design Mascara Waterproof (black colour) (Essence)
*Kajal & Eyeliner in nr 6 (Wet N Wild)

Lips & Nails:

On my lips:
*Velvet Touch Lip Primer (Gosh)
*Lip Designer in 010 Ruby Red (Catrice)
*Soft'N Shine Lip Balm in 41 Kiss (Gosh)

On my nails:
*Nail Laquer in 581 Orange Drops (Gosh)

How I made this look:

First I used a lot of liner perfector in mu whole face (except for on mu eye lids and under my eyes) and let it dry for a few minutes.
Then I used the eye primer on my eye lids and under my eyes and the lip primer on my lips.
I let that dry for a few minutes too.
After that I used the mattifying powder on my whole face (except for my eye lids, under my eyes and on my lips).
Then I started on my eyes.
First I used the waterproof eye shadow base on my lids.
Then I applied the orange colour of the Essence Return To Paradise Palette on the inner corners of my eyes.
Following by the copper colour of the Lacura duo on my lid.
Then I blended thos two shadows.
After that I used Catrice Spiced Bronze on the middle of the part of my eye where my inner corner and the rest of the eye meet (I know that sounds a little vague, but I don't know how to explain it better!).
Again, I blended the shadows together.
Now it was time to use the red colour by MNY (nr 329) on the outer v and inn the outer part of my crease.
And I blended it again.
Then I used the Sparkling Eye Shadow by wet & wild in the crease and blended it together.
This shadow was really bright and sparkly and just wonderful!!!
The last shadow I used was Spice Red by Catrice on the outer part of the outer v.
Once again I blended it together.
Then I added some more red eye shadow to make the eye shadow symmetrical on both sides and blended again.
Now I used the kajal pencil, then the lash curler, lash comber and then the mascara.

On my lips I used the lip liner which I lined my lips with, and then I filled them in with the liner as well.
On top of that I applied the Soft N Shine Lipbalm by Gosh (amazing product I tell you!)>

On my nails I applied the Gosh nail laquer in Orange drops and my autumn look was finished!

As you can see I used a lot of Gosh, Essence and Catrice products.
I really like those brands, because I like the colours, because they are good quality and they aren't very expensive (though Gosh is better quality than Essence and Catrice and also higher priced).

I never used to use Gosh, because I used to think that even though the products looked great (I love the bright and vibrant colours), I thought they were too expensive for me at that time and I didn't know if they were any good.

Then I read about Gosh products on Jasmine her blog (Oh My Gosh) and she wrote and showed that they were awesome.

I first bought a few of the tinted lip balms and I thought they were great.
The Jasmine wrote about the primers on her blog and I bought them all and a mattifying powder.
I love those too and I ended up buying a few stunning nail polishes as well.

I have yet to try the lip glosses, lipstick, eye pencils, eye shadows, mascara's etc. , but they are probably great as well!

Jasmine, I hope you like me look!
I'm not that great with make-up yet, I just started working with brushes and primers and I barely know how to blend, but I love playing with make-up an creating looks, so I hope that counts for something.

Until next time,


P.S. Let me know what you think about this look!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Venemous Villains Look For Blogginbeauties: Drusilla

Here's my look for the Venemous Villains Give-Away of Bloggin Beauties:

I'm not a big fan of villains (I always want to be the good one in movies etc.) but if I could play any villains in a movie it would be Drusilla (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer).
That is because she is special.
She is a psychic which gives her special powers (seeing the future and knowing things she shouldn;t be able to know amongst other things) which I would love to have, and she's also a vampire.
Beside the obvious fact that vampires are wicked cool (duh!) they are also strong and very difficult to kill AND they don't age (so no wrinkles or gray hair!!!).
This all seems awesome!
I wouldn't like the blood drinking or the sunlight avoiding, but if I was Drusilla I wouldn't think twice about draining a human.

Drusilla has a period of time where her health is bad and she's very weak, also she is a bit mental/crazy.
Because of this she sometimes behaves like a little girl, making sad face and sobbing sound and waving her hands in the air in a strange way.

When she's strong however, she doesn't look like a sad little girl at all!

She can be mean and show her teeth.

And she can smile in a horrifying way that tells you she's got something up her sleeve and that she's going to do something deadly and bloody to someone of her choosing.

Her hobby's:
-drinking fresh human blood
-causing mayhem
-misleading and torturing (preferrably) innocent people
-anything that pisses the slayer off
-having crazy tea partys with her dolls (which she also tortures)
-predicting the future and knowing things she shouldn't
-dressing up in classic clothes (flowing dresses, velvet, pearls) and doing her hair and make-up
-her boyfriend Spike

Close-up of the make-up:

I should have made the eye-brows darker, but I wasn't planning on wearing the wig so I made the brows match my hair color.

Everything I used (make-up and tools):

Everything I used for my face:

*Foundation Brush (HEMA)
*Allround Concealer Palette (Catrice)
*Purple Passion Transparent Mattifying Powder (Catrice)
*Professional Powder Brush (Catrice)
*Lasting Performance Foundation in 101 Ivory Beige (Max Factor)
*Velvet Touch Line Perfector (Gosh)
*White Grease Paint (Supra Colors)
*Concealer, I don't know what colour(DA)

What I used on my eyes:

*Eye Shadow Brush (HEMA)
*Blending Brush (HEMA)
*Eye Shadow Brush (HEMA)
*Eye Brow Pencil nr 11 (HEMA)
*Soft Kajal Eye Pencil in Black (Rimmel)
*Natural Touch Sensitive Eyes Mascara (Catrice)
*Velvet Touch Eye Primer (Gosh)
*Soft Eye Shadow Mono Velvet Matt in 060 Nude Beige (Catrice)
*Expert Wear Mono Eye Shadow in 05 Ice Fudged/Marron Glacé (Maybelline New York)
*Soft Eye Shadow Mono Velvet Matt in 030 Grey Stone (Catrice)
*Earth Spirits Eye Shadow in 110 Onyx (Max Factor)

What I used on my lips:

*Velvet Touch Lip Primer (Gosh)
*Kajal Designer in 120 Chocolate Brown (Catrice)
*Colour Gloss Lip Gloss in 080 Secret Mauve (Catrice)

How I made this look:
First I applie Velvet Touch Line Perfector (Gosh) all over my face and wait a few minutes.
I also applied the Velvet Touch Eye Primer (Gosh) on my whole eyelids (till the brow) and under my eyes and let it dry.

Then I used the DA concealer under my eyes to mask the dark circles, and then I took the Allround Concealer Palette (Catrice) and used the green concealer to cover any red areas (most of my face).
My face now looked a bit pasty with a greenish hue.

After that I mixed the foundation with the white grease paint in my hand, till I got a very white colour that still had skin tone and applied it to my face with the foundation brush.
I evened it out with my finger tips to make it more natural.

My face felt sticky because of the grease paint and it also looked shiny, so I set the foundation/grease paint with a lot of the Purple Passion Transparent Mattifying Powder (Catrice) (using the kabuki-like powder brush).

Now that was done, I could start on the eyes.
First I applied Soft Eye Shadow Mono Velvet Matt in 060 Nude Beige (Catrice) on the whole lid and in the crease.
Then I applied a little of Expert Wear Mono Eye Shadow in 05 Ice Fudged/Marron Glacé (Maybelline New York) on the lid over the light eye shadow but not too much) and made a thick wing with it (till my brow).
I also applied a little in the crease.
I blended it all and then I used Soft Eye Shadow Mono Velvet Matt in 030 Grey Stone (Catrice) on my outer v, on half 2/3 of the wing and a bit in the crease.
Then I blended it all together.
Now I used Earth Spirits Eye Shadow in 110 Onyx (Max Factor) on the outer part of the wing to define the wing as a bit of a liner (though very wide).
I blended everything together and added more eye shadow where needed to make it into a nice, blended whole.

After I was done with the eye shadow, I used the Soft Kajal Eye Pencil in Black (Rimmel) on my upper and lower waterlines, and applied the Natural Touch Sensitive Eyes Mascara (Catrice) to my lashes.

After that I used the Eye Brow Pencil nr 11 (HEMA) to make my eye brows fuller and darker.

Now all that I needed to do were the lips.
I put some Velvet Touch Lip Primer (Gosh) on my lips and let it dry.
Then I line my lips with Kajal Designer in 120 Chocolate Brown (Catrice) and smudged it so it didn't look as dark.
And last but not least, I applied the Colour Gloss Lip Gloss in 080 Secret Mauve (Catrice).

When the make-up was done I changed into a black gothic dress, put on a necklace that matches the theme and I put on a long black wig to finish the look.

I hope you liked this look even though the pictures aren't that great (bad lighting).

What Villain would you be if you could play any Villain in a movie?

Until next time,