Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project 80 Pan

It's been a while since my last project ... pan update and I've used up a lot of products since last time (10 whole product and 1 sample).

Here's what I have finished so far:

Whole Products:
1-Pot Enzymion Moisturiser (Lush)
2-Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub (Lush)
3-Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (Lush)
4-Happy Pill Ballistic (Lush)
5-Eau-Roma Water (Lush)
6-Dreamwash Shower Smoothie (Lush)
7-Small pot (30g) Sweetie Pie Whipped Body Butter (The Secret Garden)
8-Dream Cream
9-Coconut Leg And Body Scrub (Inecto)
10-50 ml scrub (Kring Apotheek)
11-500g Rub Rub Rub SG (Lush)
12-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
13-250g Taai Taai SG (Lush)
14-200ml Lotus Petal Body Lotion (The Body Shop)
15-Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic (Lush)
16-Deo Roller Mild & Soft (8X4)
17-Ginger Snapped Smooch! (Villainess)
18-Travel Size Pot Creme Anglaise Body Lotion (B Never)
19-Bottle of Lactacyd
20-Bottle of Lactacyd
21-Smashing Smooch! (Villainess)
22-Ginger Snapped Whipped! (Villainess)
23-150 ml Jardins des Îles de Polynésie aux fleurs de tiaré SG (Yves Rocher)
24-Coconut Leg And Body Scrub (Inecto)
25-Raspberry Swirl Smooch! (Villainess)
26-Jardins Du Monde Deodorant Roll-On Lotus Flower (Yves Rocher)
27-Beautiful Twists Shagadelic Watermelon Kisses Lip Balm (Ella Dean)
28-Big Buffy (Lush)
29-Small pot (30g) Honey Toffee (Lush HIWTK dupe) Whipped Body Butter (The Secret Garden)
30-Small pot (30g) Honey Toffee (Lush HIWTK dupe) Whipped Body Butter (The Secret Garden)
31-500g American Cream Conditioner (Lush)
32-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
33-Packet of red hair dye (holiday)
34-Packet of red hair dye (holiday)
35-Business Time Massage Bar (Lush)
36-Healthy Gums Pomegranate Toothpaste (Dr. Organic)
37-small 50ml bottle Potion Lotion
38-Cherry Cordial Smack! (2 scoops of chocolate mousse, 1 scoup of vanilla bean and 1 scoup of cherries jubilee) (Villainess)
39-The Comforter Body Lotion 225g (Lush)
40-You Snap The Whip 95g, a body butter with scrub (Lush)
41-T Tree Toner Tab 5g (Lush)
42-Dr van der Hoog ClearSkin Scrubgel 100ml, a facewash with scrub (Dr van der Hoog)
43-Solar Expertise Suncream with spf 50 (L'Oreal)
44-Tooth Paste (Pearl Drops)
45-Strawberry Santa Jelly (Lush)
46-Jardins Du Monde Deodorant Roll-On Lotus Flower (Yves Rocher)
47-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
48-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
49-Gloop Smooch! (marshmellow and cocoa scented body scrub) (Villainess)
50-Small pot of Charity Pot 50g (Lush)
51-Bottle of Lactacyd
52-You Snap The Whip scrub 95g(Lush)
53-H'Suan Wen Hua 225g
54-Inecto Coconut Oil Conditioner 500ml (Inecto)
55-Small 50ml bottle of Have A Bath Or Shower (showergel) in Sex Magnet (Lush Sex Bomb Dupe) (MMU)
56-Sweet Asa Steam Cream ±45g (B Never)
57-Enzymion Moisturiser 45g (Lush)
58-Re-Finish Micro-Dermabrasion for the face 60ml (L'Oreal)
59-Make-up Ckeansing wipes 25 pieces (Demake-Up)
60-Magic Bath Ballistic (Lush)
61-Deo Roller Mild & Soft (8X4)
62-50 ml Taai Taai Shower Gel (Lush)
63-A package of cotton pads
64-Sugar Babe Sugar scrub (Lush)
65-Supernova Bath Ballistic (Lush)
66-Supernova Bath Ballistic (lush)
67-Sunscreen with spf 30 (L'Oreal)
68-Big Buffy (Lush)
69-Sweet Japanese Girl (Lush)
70-Hybrid Shampoo Bar (Lush)
71-You Snap The Whip Body Butter/Scrub (Lush)
72-100ml Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel (Lush)
73-50ml Uluru Shower Gel (Lush)
74-Snow Scrub (B Never)
75-250ml rehab Shampoo (Lush)
76-Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash (The Body Shop)
78-imp of Bathsheba perfume oil (Bpal)

Samples and partIal products:
-Sample of The Comforter Bubble Bar Slice (Lush)
-50ml Okra Conditioner (Lush)
-A tiny block of Spice Curls Soap (Lush)
-Official Lush Sample of Creme Anglaise (Lush)
-Small piece of Alkmaar soap in the form of a flower (Lush)
-50 ml B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful SG (B Never)
-Flosty Gritter BBS Sample (Lush)
-Official Lush Sample of Forever in Bloom Conditioner (Lush)
-Seaweed Day Cream Sample (The Body Shop)
-Sample of Schnuggle (Lush)
-50 ml Taai Taai Shower Gel (Lush)
-50 ml Blue Skies SG (Lush)
-50 ml Butterball SG (Lush)
-50 ml Ice Blue Shampoo (Lush)
-50 ml Ice Blue Shampoo (Lush)
-50 ml Chai SG (Lush)
-50 ml Happy 4 Sad SG (Lush)
-50 ml Big Shampoo (Lush)
-50 ml 13 Rabbits SG (Lush)
-50 ml Reatread Conditioner (Lush)
-50 ml Almond And Coconut Smoothie (Lush)
-50 ml Coconut Conditioner (Inecto)
-Sample of Honey Touch Body Cream (Rituals)
-Sample of Sweet Lemon Body Scrub (The Body Shop)
-Small block of Rockstar Soap (Lush)
-50 ml Slammer Shower Gel (Lush)
-Half block (50g) of Angel's Delight soap (Lush)
-A quarter block (25g) of 13 Soap (Unlucky For Dirt) (Lush)
-A big sample of Fresh Farmacy (Lush)
-A very big sample of Honey Waffle Soap (Lush)
-A very small sample of Neeltje Soap (NizzySoap)

Everything in green is newly used up.
Only 2 more products needed to finish the project 80 pan and start on the project 90 pan :D>

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Friday, September 10, 2010


I made this one a few months back, but I thought I'd share this one anyway.

These are the products I used

From left to right: Top Coat (Catrice), Smashing Orange Nail Polish (MAX), Base Coat (Catrice) and French Glam Nail Stickers by Essence.

I never tried Nail Stickers before, but I found out the ones by Essence are easy to use.
Once you put them where you want they stay put!

And this was the result

And a close-up

I really love these nail stickers!!!
You don't need to be a pro or have nail art experience.
All you need to do is paint your nails, place these stickers where you want them, and add a layer of top coat.
It really is THAT easy!

Have you ever used nail stickers, or if nor, would you use them?

Until next time,


Preview: Lush Matryoshka

I spotted this on I Heart Cosmetics , and fell in love with it instantly!
The outside of this Lush gift is supposed to be made of So White soap.
Inside there are two Russion doll shaped ballistics: So White and Cinders!
These are all wrapped together by a mini knot wrap (a sort of scarf that can be used instead of gift wrapping paper).
I wonder if both the green AND the red outside are both So White soap...I'm secretly wishing the red part to be Cinders Soap!

I don't usually buy Lush gifts, but for this one I'm willing to make an exception ;).

Will you buy this cutie, or will you pass on this one?

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

@ Liever Loeder

Will you please send me your adress again?
I've lost it and I really need it to send you the items from the give-away.

Until next time,