Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game: Fable III

Today I'm posting about something that isn't beauty related.

Yesterday, my boyfriend bought a new game: Fable III (for the XBOX 360).
I have Fable I and Fable II as well and they are my favourite games!

Naturally, I was really excited when my bf came home with the 3rd Fable ;).
I was curious to find out, if it was as good as the previous 2, and let me tell you: it is!!!
In this game you play a prince or princess that has to lead a revolution against your brother (the king!), in a world called Albion.
You have to help people in need so they become you allies, and off course you need to fight using melee weapons, shooting weapons and magic spells.
The decisions you make (good or evil) will make you become who you are.
If you are pure and only do good deeds you become angelic, but if you do evil you wil become devilish.
Being good or evil also shows in your appearance (for example: when you're really evil you get horns!).

Like in Fable II you also have a dog in this one, which you can train to fight and find treasures :D.

The only thing I dislike about this game so far, is that the game play is different in a lot of ways and therefore takes a few days of getting used to.
Since I just started yesterday I'm still in that process, but I'm learning :).

A few pics of what the game looks like:

Some sort of battle/fight.

A town at sunrise or sundown.

The evil king (your brother)!!!

This is what you'll look like if you are the prince (and the girl is your best friend).
You'll only look like this in the beginning.
After this you will soon look different!

Another picture of a town.
Aren't the graphics awesome!?

The Fable III Teaser Trailer:

Are you familiar with the Fable games?
And will you buy this one?

Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,


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