Friday, October 15, 2010

LOTD: Firetruck Red

I've been wanting to post a pic of red lips for a while now, and since I got the perfect red lip liner a few weeks back, I thought it was about time :) to post a red LOTD (Lips Of The Day).

Products I Used:
- Catrice Lip Designer in 010 Ruby Red
-H&M Rich Lip Gloss in Rumba Red (bought it a while back, so it probably isn't available anymore)

I'll post a pic of the products I used later on.
I can't make a pic now since the battery of my cam is dead *sigh*.

The Lip Designer is very soft and easy to use.
I was able to line my lips perfectly, but because it's so soft the tip broke off when I was filling in my lips, so I had to sharpen it again.
Note to self (and everyone reading this ;) ): don't apply to much pressure on the tip!

The lipgloss isn't very sheer.
Used on it's own it isn't opaque, but used over a lip liner (when you've filled in your lips with one), it isn't sheer at all.

The combination of this lip liner and this lip gloss is a brillant red that's lightly shimmery.
It's glossy but not at all sticky.
On my lips it feels like I'm wearing liquid lipbalm ,though I've got no idea if that exists :P .

The Result:

This LOTD is really easy to make (you don't need to be a pro), it's cheap (not high-end products needed for this one!) and very wearable.

What do you think about fierce red lips?
Is it something you wear or is it too bold?
Let me know what you think!

Until next time,


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