Friday, October 29, 2010

MNY:Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

I went a bit overboard with the eye shadows, since I bought eleven of them!
MNY has some colours that were not in my stash at all (like bright red and green but also some lighter peachy and pink colours), so I needed them to complete my stash

As you can see, the colours I bought range from peaches and pinks, through bright red and purple shades, through brown and some green and blue/green shades.

Please keep in mind that I took these pcitures at night with lamp light, which makes the colours appear different then they are.
The shimmer and glitter doesn't show well on these pics and sometimes the colour on the pics is completely diferent than in real life.
When that's the case I'll mention it though, so no worries!

A lot of colours are shimmery, but in the frosted kind.
That means that it is shimmery without any type of really fine glitter (which most shimmery eye shadows have).

From left to right: 317, 229, 213 and 329.
The first 3 are shimmery (the frosted kind) and the fourth one is matte.
*317 is a shimmery peach (probably the most shimmery of these 4 eye shadows).
*229 is a shimmery light pink (less shimmery than 317).
*213 is a dusty rose colour, it's pink, it's a bit of a light puce, this one is darker than 317 and 229.
*329 is a matte bright red, it's quite fierce!

From left to right: 529, 517, 537 and 417.
The first two are shimmer (frosted), the third has both shimmer (frosted) and some glitter, and the fourth one is shimmer (also frosted).
*529 is a pretty shimmery purple with blue undertones and is much lighter and brighter than on the pics.
*517 is a shimmery magenta like purple which is like a mix of magenta and purple, definitely not the pink you see on the pics and a lot lighter and brighter as well.
*537 looks dark grey on the pics but in reality it's a dark, dusty purple mixed with grey, it has shimmer and fine glitter in it(not those awfull big chunks!).
*417 is a shimmery brown colour, but nowhere near chocolate or something like that, more like a taupe colour (without the purple or grey) and more like messing/bronze/copper. A bit metal like. The green hue you see on the pics doesn't exist in reality.

From left to right: 729, 737 and 637.
These are all shimmery (the frosted kind) though 637 is more shimmery than the other two.
*729 is a bright shimmery lime green that is ligther and brighter than on the pic.
*737 is a light shimmery teal colour (love this one!) that's, again, lighter and brighter than on the pic.
*637 is a bright shimmery petrol colour that's brighter and more blue than on the pic.

As you can see I really need to make some good pics during day light, so the eye shadows show their true colour!
When I find the time to make new pics, I'll post them.

Now, onto the swatches (these were also made at night with lamp light):

*All the shadows:

From left to right: 637, 737, 729, 417, 537, 517, 529, 329, 213, 229, and 317.

*The peach, pinks and red:

From top to bottom: 317, 229, 213 and 329.
As you can see, 317 is a light golden peach.
229 is a light pink, and 213 is a darker dusty rose kind of pink.
329 is a red colour that isn't as bright as it is in the pan, but much more red than it shows on the pic.

*The purples and the brown colour:

From top to bottom: 529, 517, 537 and 417.
The colours are brighter and more shimmery in real life.
As you can see, 529 is a shimmery, blue-ish purple, 517 a shimmery, magenta-like purple and 537 a dark, grey-like shimmery purple with fine glitter.
417 is a brown-ish colour with shimmer, that's really pretty!

*The greens and blues:

From top to bottom: 729, 737 and 637.
The colours are brighter and more shimmery than the pics show.
729 is a light, bright, lime green with a little shimmer, 737 is a light, bright teal with a little shimmer and 637 is a nice bright petrol with more shimmer than the other two.

As for the quality, most of the eye shadows have enough pigment, though most colours were not as bright on skin as in the pan.
Most disappointing was 729 (the lime green one) since I was hoping for an extremely bright result.
That wasn't the case, but I still think it's a nice eye shadow!
The colours would probably be a lot more pigmented if used over an eye shadow base though.

When I use my brush to get eye shadow out of the pan, there is some loose powder coming off it, but that doesn't bother me much.

The eye shadow has good staying powder and I really like it (especially if you realise they only cost €2,49 each).

The only downside is that the eye shadows are a bit difficult to open at first.
There is a transparent sticker keeping it closed that you need to take off first.
After that opening can still be a bit tricky, but you get the hang of it after opening a few boxes, so that isn't a problem either.
Sadly, I managed to scratch my red eyeshadow being clumsy trying to open it :(.

*lot of colours available
*cheap (€2,49 each)
*available at all Etos stores (except the ones at train statins)
*enough pigment (especially when used on an eye shadow base)
*the eye shadow feels soft
*doesn't break when you drop the pan on the ground (I did!)

*crumbles a bit when you sweep your brush over it
*if you like extremely bright results, these shadows probably aren't pigmented enough
*the pans are a bit tricky to open at first
*MNY is a part of Maybelline which tests on animals!!!

I would rate these 7,5 stars, because they are good and cheap, but not amazing, and because Maybelline tests on animals.

Would I buy this again: Yes!!!

Have you tried any of these MNY shadows?
And do you like them?

Until next time,



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