Friday, October 22, 2010

Gosh Autumn Look

For the blog Oh My Gosh I made this Autumn Look.
She has a give-away with Gosh products, and to win those goodies you have to make an autumn look, with at least a few Gosh products, based on a photograph you like.

I chose this picture:

I love the warm red and orange tones, and I thought they were beautiful colours to use in an autumn look!

The Result:

It turned out to be a bright, warm autumn look, that reminds me of the leaves you can find in forests and on the streets.
I think this is actually wearable.
It's definitely suited for party's but it can also be worn in the day if you like to wear bright make-up (not a great idea for wall flowers, because you WILL get noticed wearing this ;) ).

A closer look at the eyes:

And the lips:

And the complete look (including nail polish):

The pictures don't show the colours of the make-up very well.
In real life the colours were MUCH more intense.
Sadly the cam on my macbook makes the colours less intense (and blogger dulls them as well :S ).

Anyway, here's everything I used:

All the Gosh products I used:

What I used for my face:

*Velvet Touch Line Perfector (face primer) (Gosh)
*Mattifying Finish Pressed Powder (Gosh)
*Professional Powder Brush (Catrice)

Eye products:

*Return To Paradise Eye Shadow in 01 Cockatoo (I used the orange one) (Essence)
*Magic Of Beauty Eye Shadow in 10 Volcano (I used the copper colour) (Lacura)
*Caramé Intense Eye Shadow in C04 Spiced Bronze (Catrice)
*My Shadow Eye Shadow in 329 (MNY)
*Sparkling Eye Shadow Powder in 13 (Wild & More)
*Caramé Intense Eye Shadow in C03 Spiced Red (Catrice)
*Magic Design Mascara Waterproof (black colour) (Essence)
*Kajal & Eyeliner in nr 6 (Wet N Wild)

Lips & Nails:

On my lips:
*Velvet Touch Lip Primer (Gosh)
*Lip Designer in 010 Ruby Red (Catrice)
*Soft'N Shine Lip Balm in 41 Kiss (Gosh)

On my nails:
*Nail Laquer in 581 Orange Drops (Gosh)

How I made this look:

First I used a lot of liner perfector in mu whole face (except for on mu eye lids and under my eyes) and let it dry for a few minutes.
Then I used the eye primer on my eye lids and under my eyes and the lip primer on my lips.
I let that dry for a few minutes too.
After that I used the mattifying powder on my whole face (except for my eye lids, under my eyes and on my lips).
Then I started on my eyes.
First I used the waterproof eye shadow base on my lids.
Then I applied the orange colour of the Essence Return To Paradise Palette on the inner corners of my eyes.
Following by the copper colour of the Lacura duo on my lid.
Then I blended thos two shadows.
After that I used Catrice Spiced Bronze on the middle of the part of my eye where my inner corner and the rest of the eye meet (I know that sounds a little vague, but I don't know how to explain it better!).
Again, I blended the shadows together.
Now it was time to use the red colour by MNY (nr 329) on the outer v and inn the outer part of my crease.
And I blended it again.
Then I used the Sparkling Eye Shadow by wet & wild in the crease and blended it together.
This shadow was really bright and sparkly and just wonderful!!!
The last shadow I used was Spice Red by Catrice on the outer part of the outer v.
Once again I blended it together.
Then I added some more red eye shadow to make the eye shadow symmetrical on both sides and blended again.
Now I used the kajal pencil, then the lash curler, lash comber and then the mascara.

On my lips I used the lip liner which I lined my lips with, and then I filled them in with the liner as well.
On top of that I applied the Soft N Shine Lipbalm by Gosh (amazing product I tell you!)>

On my nails I applied the Gosh nail laquer in Orange drops and my autumn look was finished!

As you can see I used a lot of Gosh, Essence and Catrice products.
I really like those brands, because I like the colours, because they are good quality and they aren't very expensive (though Gosh is better quality than Essence and Catrice and also higher priced).

I never used to use Gosh, because I used to think that even though the products looked great (I love the bright and vibrant colours), I thought they were too expensive for me at that time and I didn't know if they were any good.

Then I read about Gosh products on Jasmine her blog (Oh My Gosh) and she wrote and showed that they were awesome.

I first bought a few of the tinted lip balms and I thought they were great.
The Jasmine wrote about the primers on her blog and I bought them all and a mattifying powder.
I love those too and I ended up buying a few stunning nail polishes as well.

I have yet to try the lip glosses, lipstick, eye pencils, eye shadows, mascara's etc. , but they are probably great as well!

Jasmine, I hope you like me look!
I'm not that great with make-up yet, I just started working with brushes and primers and I barely know how to blend, but I love playing with make-up an creating looks, so I hope that counts for something.

Until next time,


P.S. Let me know what you think about this look!

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