Monday, August 2, 2010

Something Smelly: Ming Shu by Yves Rocher

I bought my first bottle of Ming Shu when I was still a teenager (maybe 14 or something) and I have loved this perfume ever since. Since then I always need to have at least 1 bottle in my stash. I usually buy the Eau de Perfume, since that one has the strongest scent, but the Eau de Toilette smells nice as well.

Scent description from the Yves Rocher website:

Discover the bluish reflections of the fleur de l'Aube Eau de perfume, in this bottle with harmonious lines. It's marina fragrance opens the composition with a transparent breeze with aquatic overtones. The Ming Shu flower combines with the sun filled ylang ylang to create a floral harmony. Finally, gentle and mysterious vanilla, melts onto a bed of sandalwood for a caressing and delicate fragrance.

*I difinitely smell the aquatic notes mixed with a soft floral, and a bit of sweetness.
It's a bit of a transparant and ethereal kind of smell, but it's not too weak.
Ming Shu is strong enough so you can smell it very well, but it isn't so strong that it bothers you.
It's a scent that's kind to your nose; you can wear it on days that you don't want to smell too strong, but still want to smell nice.
I also love to wear this on hot, sticky days, because of the aquatic notes and the freshness of the scent.
Mins Shu makes me think of ghosts, brides, fairy's and fairy tales.
It's just a bit magical, and I've never smelled anything like it.
To me, it's a complicated scent, in which you can't identify all the different notes, but the whole scent combines and smells wonderful. I think the shape of the bottle is beautiful. It's a bit asian and classic and the blue colour is tranquill. There's also a kind of flower engraving on the bottom of the bottle. I think it's very special.*

Prices (Dutch webshop):
-Ming Shu Eau de Toilette 50 ml €28,50
-Ming Shu Eau de Perfume 50 ml €33,50
-Ming Shu Eau de Perfume 30 ml €19,00
-Ming Shu Eau de Perfume 7,5 ml €2,50
-Ming Shu Pefumed Bath And Shower Gel 200 ml €9,90
-Ming Shu Perfumed Bodymilk 200ml €15,70
-Ming SHu Perfumes Deodorant 100ml €13,80

Off course, these prices are without discounts, and I always get them with discounts.
There are always sales and discounts at Yves Rocher and I buy every Yves Rocher product at a discounted price, never the whole price.

*I give this perfume 5 stars because it's just perfect, there's just nothing wrong with it. It's my favourite aquatic floral scent, and I've never smelled anything like it.*

Have you ever smelled/tried Ming Shu?
If so, did you like it?

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