Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mini Give-Away Winner!

I have just chosen a winner for the mini give-away!!!
Since only I person bother to enter the give-away, I gave all the 5 follwers a number (1 to 5) and let chose a number.
The number that was chosen is 3, so the winner is : Liever Loeder!!!
I will try and contact her so I can send her the items :D.

This is what she gets:

It's the worst and palest picture in history, but that's because it was made with my laptop (I was holding it awkwardly in the air to make this pic ;) ).
This is in the package:
-Porridge Soap (Lush)
-Snowcake Soap (Lush)
-Snow Fairy Solid Perfume (Lush)
-Blue Waterproof Body Art Pencil (L'Oreal)
-Nail Polish DNC6 Peach (but it's a pink colour) (MAX Nails)
-A pretty necklace made by me :D (yes I make jewelery).

I will chop the 2 soaps in half so it will fit in the mail box.

There will be another give-away when we reach 10 followers.

Until next time,



  1. waa wat cool ik heb gewonnen, ik ga je mijn gegevens mailen :)

  2. Stomme vraag misschien, maar ik had mn adres doorgegeven toch? :)

  3. Ik kan het emailtje niet vinden tussen de duizenden junk emailtjes in mn inbox, daarom had ik een comment achter gelaten op je blog of je het nog een keer kan mailen.
    De envelop lit namelijk klaar, maar er moet nog een adres op.