Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project 50 Pan

Around april or so this year, I read about a project called "Project 10 Pan" on a review website (BeautyReview).
Everyone that joins this project will try to use up 10 products (make-up and other cosmetics) and they won't buy any new cosmetics, until they've used up 10 of those products.
Some make a list of what they want to use up and use that up, or some just start using thing and use things up randomly.
You are supposed to photograph every empty product and post it as well.

When I read about Project 10 Pan, I thought it was a great idea.
I have lots of cosmetics, and a project like this will help me focus on what I have and on what products are near it's expiration date and need to be used up first.

However, I don't like to impose a buying ban on myself.
If I want something and I can actually afford it, I'll buy it, and I don't want to feel guilty about it because I have a buying ban.
Therefore, I haven't given myself a buying ban/

Here's how I do the Project 10 Pan:

I keep a list of what I've used up.
I only count whole products as 1 number on the list
Samples and partial products I list too, but they won't count towards the 10 products.
I also don't take pictures of the finished products, since I tend to forget about it and bin them before I remember I have to take a picture of them.

I've joined this products around april, so I've used up a lot of products already.
That's why I'm not doing Project 10 Pan, but Project 50 Pan.
When I've used up 50 products, I will go on with Project 60 Pan, and so on.

Again, I've used up some products (sometimes things are gone so fast!).

Here's what I have finished so far:

Whole Products:
1-Pot Enzymion Moisturiser (Lush)
2-Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub (Lush)
3-Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (Lush)
4-Happy Pill Ballistic (Lush)
5-Eau-Roma Water (Lush)
6-Dreamwash Shower Smoothie (Lush)
7-Small pot (30g) Sweetie Pie Whipped Body Butter (The Secret Garden)
8-Dream Cream
9-Coconut Leg And Body Scrub (Inecto)
10-50 ml scrub (Kring Apotheek)
11-500g Rub Rub Rub SG (Lush)
12-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
13-250g Taai Taai SG (Lush)
14-200ml Lotus Petal Body Lotion (The Body Shop)
15-Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic (Lush)
16-Deo Roller Mild & Soft (8X4)
17-Ginger Snapped Smooch! (Villainess)
18-Travel Size Pot Creme Anglaise Body Lotion (B Never)
19-Bottle of Lactacyd
20-Bottle of Lactacyd
21-Smashing Smooch! (Villainess)
22-Ginger Snapped Whipped! (Villainess)
23-150 ml Jardins des Îles de Polynésie aux fleurs de tiaré SG (Yves Rocher)
24-Coconut Leg And Body Scrub (Inecto)
25-Raspberry Swirl Smooch! (Villainess)
26-Jardins Du Monde Deodorant Roll-On Lotus Flower (Yves Rocher)
27-Beautiful Twists Shagadelic Watermelon Kisses Lip Balm (Ella Dean)
28-Big Buffy (Lush)
29-Small pot (30g) Honey Toffee (Lush HIWTK dupe) Whipped Body Butter (The Secret Garden)
30-Small pot (30g) Honey Toffee (Lush HIWTK dupe) Whipped Body Butter (The Secret Garden)
31-500g American Cream Conditioner (Lush)
32-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
33-Packet of red hair dye (holiday)
34-Packet of red hair dye (holiday)
35-Business Time Massage Bar (Lush)
36-Healthy Gums Pomegranate Toothpaste (Dr. Organic)
37-small 50ml bottle Potion Lotion
38-Cherry Cordial Smack! (2 scoops of chocolate mousse, 1 scoup of vanilla bean and 1 scoup of cherries jubilee) (Villainess)
39-The Comforter Body Lotion 225g (Lush)
40-You Snap The Whip 95g, a body butter with scrub (Lush)
41-T Tree Toner Tab 5g (Lush)
42-Dr van der Hoog ClearSkin Scrubgel 100ml, a facewash with scrub (Dr van der Hoog)
43-Solar Expertise Suncream with spf 50 (L'Oreal)
44-Tooth Paste (Pearl Drops)
45-Strawberry Santa Jelly (Lush)
46-Jardins Du Monde Deodorant Roll-On Lotus Flower (Yves Rocher)
47-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
48-small (not official MMU pot) Body Butter in the scent: Snowcake's A La Orange (MMU)
49-Gloop Smooch! (marshmellow and cocoa scented body scrub) (Villainess)
50-Small pot of Charity Pot 50g (Lush)
51-Bottle of Lactacyd
52-You Snap The Whip scrub 95g(Lush)
53-H'Suan Wen Hua 225g
54-Inecto Coconut Oil Conditioner 500ml (Inecto)

Samples and partIal products:
-Sample of The Comforter Bubble Bar Slice (Lush)
-50ml Okra Conditioner (Lush)
-A tiny block of Spice Curls Soap (Lush)
-Official Lush Sample of Creme Anglaise (Lush)
-Small piece of Alkmaar soap in the form of a flower (Lush)
-50 ml B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful SG (B Never)
-Flosty Gritter BBS Sample (Lush)
-Official Lush Sample of Forever in Bloom Conditioner (Lush)
-Seaweed Day Cream Sample (The Body Shop)
-Sample of Schnuggle (Lush)
-50 ml Taai Taai Shower Gel (Lush)
-50 ml Blue Skies SG (Lush)
-50 ml Butterball SG (Lush)
-50 ml Ice Blue Shampoo (Lush)
-50 ml Ice Blue Shampoo (Lush)
-50 ml Chai SG (Lush)
-50 ml Happy 4 Sad SG (Lush)
-50 ml Big Shampoo (Lush)
-50 ml 13 Rabbits SG (Lush)
-50 ml Reatread Conditioner (Lush)
-50 ml Almond And Coconut Smoothie (Lush)
-50 ml Coconut Conditioner (Inecto)
-Sample of Honey Touch Body Cream (Rituals)
-Sample of Sweet Lemon Body Scrub (The Body Shop)
-Small block of Rockstar Soap (Lush)
-50 ml Slammer Shower Gel (Lush)
-Half block (50g) of Angel's Delight soap (Lush)
-A quarter block (25g) of 13 Soap (Unlucky For Dirt) (Lush)

Everything in teal is newly used up.

Will you join Project 10 Pan as well?
Let me know what you think!

Until next time,


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