Monday, August 2, 2010

New Lush Gifts

Lush also released 3 new gifts.

Blooming Beautiful

What's in it"
*Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar
*Think Pink Bath Ballistic

Price: £6,95.

*It seems to be a nice bath-time teamed gift, suitable for most people.
The Think Pink is rather sweet, but Pop in The Bath isn't, so this gift is pretty balanced, I think. The packaging is very flowery an cheerful.*

Strawberry Picnic

What's in it:
*Grass Shower Gel (100ml)
*Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
*Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
*Summer Pudding Soap (100g)

Price: £14,95.

*The feel that this gift gives is red and green, the colour of strawberries :D. I think Grass shower gel will probably match well with the sweet scents of Strawberry Feels Forever and Summer Pudding, it will even out the sweetness. The packaging reminds me of having a picknick.*

Out Of This World

What's in it:
*A starshaped Rockstar Soap (100g)
*Space Girl Ballistic

Price: £5,75.

*Of the new gifts, I like this one best. I love Rockstar Soap and Space Girl Ballistic and the space-themed packaging is to die for. This is the gift I am most likely to buy, and would also love to receive.*

Do you like the new gifts, or do you think they're meh?

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