Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mini Give-Away: Update

I've been rummaging in my stash today, and I've been shopping for the give-away this week, and I've put some things together for the mini give-away.

This will most probably be in the mini give-away:
-Snowfairy Solid Perfume (Lush)
-Blue Body Art Pencil (waterproof) (L'Oreal)
-Pink Nail Polish (Max)
-Porridge Soap (Lush)
-Snowcake Soap (Lush)

And maybe some other stuff.

I know it isn't a lot but it's called a mini give-away for a reason.
I may change the contentst, but when we reach 5 followers I will post a pic of the contents, and that will be the package I will send to the lucky winner!

Until next time,


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