Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Catrice: Multi Colour Compact Powder 010 Rose Beige

And....another Catrice review today ;).

Today it's Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder.
This product is sold in two colours and I own 010 Rose Beige.

Price: I can't remember the exact price since I bought it a month ago, but I think it was approximately €4.

Packaging: It's round and see-through with golden letters on it. The compact powder is easy to open and easy to close.

Consistency: It's a very soft powder that's easy to use and isn't very crumbly.

As you can see, the powder has a pretty pattern :).

How to use: You use a big powder brush or a kabuki brush (or a blush brush if you don't have anything else) and sweep it trough the pan. Then tap the brush with your finger to get rid of the excess powder. Now you can apply it on your face using circular motions (if you use the kabuki) or regular strokes (if you use the powder brush or blush brush). Make sure you don't use to much or your face will get too matte and you wrinkles will show more. You don't have to powder your complete face either. Sometimes it can be enough to use some powder on specific places (like where you used concealer or foundation, to set it, or on on shiny places).

The result: I expected this powder to make me look a bit ashy and to emphasize my wrinkles (they are not huge, but like most people I have them too ;) ), but that was not the case.
To my surprise my wrinkles did not show and my complexion was glowing.
This compact powder is much better than what I'm used to and I love it!!!

I don't have any pictures of me wearing it, since my camera isn't good enough to show the difference between wearing the powder and not wearing the powder, but I have swatched it on my fingers.

*not very expensive (approx. €4)
*not a limited edition, so easy to come by :)
*soft texture
*the powder isn't crumbly
*doesn't make you skin look ashy
*doesn't emphasize your wrinkles
*the packaging opens and closes easy
*Catrice doesn't test on animals
*makes your skin glow :D
*the powder has a pretty pattern
*suitable for pale faces

I really can't think of any cons!

Verdict: Great compact powder that doesn't make your skin ashy or emphasize your wrinkles. It's well-prices and easy to come by and the packaging opens and closes easily. The powder has a pretty pattern and the powder isn't crumbly. It's easy to use and gives your skin a nice glow.
Also, Catrice doesn't test on animals and this powder is suitable for pale faces!!!

Rating: I give this an 8 because it's a good product, but probably not as good as high-end (though I've never tried that) and doesn't have extreme cover (it's sheer).

Would I buy this product again: yes!

Until next time,


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