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Review: BPAL: Ghoulish 2010 (Halloweenie)

I don't own a bottle of this one, only an imp.
Therefore, the picture above isn't mine.
Ghoulish is the bottle on the left.

This season's Ridiculous Scent! Creepy like Creepy and as spooky as Spooky, this is the scent of a black cherry and coconut amaretto confection gently laced with saffron.

Price: You can't buy them anymore since they were a Limited Edition, but the price for a bottle was probably around $17,50 for a 5 ml bottle.

Packaging: The bottle looks just like the other Bpal bottles, and the label you can see on the picture above.

How to use: If you have an imp, dab it to your wrists and then some onto your finger and dab it with your finger behind your ears, on your neck and between your breasts (if you are a woman ;) ).
If you have the bottle, use a wandcap (they are sold separately) or do what I do: use on of those
plastic things you use to stir your coffee or tea with when you are out.

Throw it away after use, this way your perfume oil stays clean :D.

In the imp: I smell something spicy and peculiar that is also sweet.

Immediately after putting it on: It smells like amaretto and almond spice too me. The scent is very strong and sweet and you can smell the liquor.

A few minutes later: The almond spice smell has become way less strong. I still smell something sweet, something spicy, some liquor like scent and something fruity.

About 15 to 30 minutes later: I smell something sweet that I think is coconut. I also smell something that is fruity, though I don't know what. I smell liquor and spice but can't identify those notes either. To me it smells exactly like liquorice allsorts (also know als English Liquorice) and especially the pink and yellow ones with coconut on the outside and liquorice on the inside.

A few pics of what liquorice allsorts looks like:

And the pink and yellow ones I was talking about:

After about an hour and a half: The scent is getting deeper. It's a little less sweet and and the notes are blending better into one whole scent.
I still think its liquorice allsorts in a bottle an I love it.
When I look at the notes that are in there and I smell my wrists, I can identify the individual notes.
The amaretto was the most prominent smell when I first put it on, but now isn't that strong anymore. It has combined with the sweetness of the coconut, though I smell the coconut much stronger. The fruit that I smelled appears to be the black cherry. The black cherry note is sweet and fruity, but not sugary sweet, more like fruity sweet.
I don't know what saffron smells like but I do smells something lightly spicy that must be the saffron.

After that, Ghoulish gets less coconutty over time. It becomes less sweet and more mellow I think.
To me it seems that the coconut and amaretto notes are becoming less noticeable with the saffron getting stronger and the black cherry is also more noticeable.
Still all the notes are there.
The liquorice allsorts scent is changing into something lighter, but it is still there, just different.

*great smelling perfume oil
*cute label
*a bottle will last you ages
*not tested on animals
*not very expensive ($17,50 is approx. €13,21)

*this perfume was a Limited Edition, so not available on the BPAL website anymore :(, only on ebay and it will probably cost a lot this way (or you can buy/trade it on the BPAL Forum!)

Verdict: Great perfume oil that smells exactly like liquorice all sorts!!!
After a few hours the scent starts to fade and changes into a milder scent.
I think this is probably one of those perfume oils that you have to reapply during the day if you want to keep smelling like liquorice allsorts.
If you don't mind the changing scents during the day, there is no need to re-apply, because even after a few hours this perfume will still smell great, just different!
Like most BPAL perfumes, this one keeps changing throughout the day.
All the notes are still there but one moment one note is stronger and 30 minutes later another note is stronger. So basically, you are wearing a different version of the same scent all day long, and the version keeps changing and changing during the day :D!
This is what makes BPAL perfume so interesting and exciting.

Rating: I give this an 8 because the resemblance of liquorice allsorts is genius!
If the scent remained the same for longer I would have given it a 9.

Would I buy this again: yes.

Is it bottle worthy: if you like foody scents (perfume that smells like foods you know) or if you like weird/strange/peculiar/odd/unique/etc. scents, this definitely is bottle worthy!!!

Have you tried any of the weenies?
And do you like the taste of liquorice allsorts?

Until next time,


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