Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Catrice: Bright Blush C01 Tickled Pink

This blush by Catrice was a limited edition from the limited edition line "Expect The Unexpected" that was sold a few months back.

It is a really bright blush, and sadly the pictures don't do it justice.

I forgot the make a picture of the back of the blush, sorry!

As you can see it's a really bright pink colour that would probably look good on most people.
You can apply it REALLY bright and heavy (IF you would want to do so) but also very subtle (which is more my style ;) ).

Swatched on my finger tips:

The packaging is very pretty.
This blush has a packaging that is very solid, easy to open and pretty.
Unfortunately, it doesn't close very well :S.
On the front you find the name of the brand and the type of product, and on the back you find a label with the name and number of the colour and some additial information.

This blush contains 8g and it cost me between €3 en €4, which isn't expensive at all!

The fragrance is nice and not stinky at all and the powder feels very soft on your skin, but isn't crumbly!

*can be applied subtle or heavy (pretty pigmented)
*colour that suits most people
*pretty packaging that's solid and easy to open
*smells nice
*soft powder that isn't crumbly
*Catrice doesn't test on animals!

*it was a limited edition that isn't available anymore
*the packaging doesn't really close

Conclusion: Great blush that can be applied both very subtle and very heavy. The colour suites most skin tones (except very dark ones), the formula is soft but not crumbly and the blush is cheap and not tested on animals. Sadly, it was a limited edition so hard to come by and the lid of the product doesn't really close.

Rating: I would rate this product an 8 because it isn't easy to come by and the packaging doesn't really close.

Would I buy this product again: yes.

Have you tried any blushes by Catrice?

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