Friday, December 3, 2010

New Essence Collection: I Love Berlin (January 2011)

Essence usually has a limited edition collection every month or every two months.
For January 2011, that limited edition collection is called "I Love Berlin".
This collection was made in collaboration with the winner of the "Be A Trendmaker" competition, Yasmin Teufert.

Are you curious about this collection?
Then keep on reading!

As you can probably guess, this collection was inspired by Berlin.
In this collection you find a lot of bright colours and it's definitely a different collection than the previous ones by Essence.

These Eye Liners are called (from left to right): Love This City, Green Grass, Buddy Bear, Berlin Story and I'm A Berliner.
They will retail for €1,99 which is a good price.
I especially love the green one (Green Grass), though I would love to own them all, since the colours are so versatile and you can make great looks with them.

Next up is a pretty eye shadow palette with 9(!!!) eye shadow colours!
You can make a lot of looks with that :D.

The outside of the palette is already gorgeous and cheerful.
This would be a great palette to carry in your purse/bag.

As you can see, there are some pastel and neutral colours in there, but also a dark blue, bright red and a black colour.
The name of this palette is Style Victim and it will cost €3,49.

Also in the collection are some cooling eye pads.

You simple put them in the fridge and then on your eyes so you can relax and your eyes can cool down, It would probably help against dark circles and under-eye puffiness as well :D.
This product is called Cool Down and will be priced at €2,49.
Since you can use these pads again and again, this is a bargain!

There aren't any lip sticks or lip glosses in this collection, BUT there are two lip balms :D.

The pink one is called Love This City and the other one is called City Lights.
They will be sold for €1,99 each.
I'm mostly curious about the pink one.
I think that one will look great!

Then on to the nail products!!!
For this collection Essence has made 5 nail polishes, 2 matte tip painters, 2 sets of nail stickers and a nail file to be used with the nail stickers.

These stickers cover your whole nail, so you used them instead of nail polish.
The designs are called Berli-Nail and Berlin Calling and retail for €1,99 each.
Though I think it's original, I don't think I want to walk around with these designs on my nails, so I won't be looking out for these.

There is also a nail file to be used with these nail stickers.
You use it after putting the stickers on your nails to file the edges smooth.

This one costs €1,29.

I really love the nail polishes in this collection.
They are so different!

From left to right: Love This City, I'm A Berliner, Green Grass, Buddy Bear and Berlin Story.
As you can see, these polishes match the eye liners so you can match your nail polish to your eye liner :D.
Love This City and I'm A Berliner are pastel colours, Green Grass and Buddy Bear are bright colours and Berlin Story is a black colour.
These great polishes will retail for €1,79 each, which is amazingly cheap!

Green Grass is my absolute favourite here, and if it looks like the promo pic I will definitely need more than 1 bottle!
I probably want the other polishes as well though *blush*.

And last, but not least, the matte tip painters :D.

These matte tip painters come in two colours: Berlin Story and Green Grass.
Needless to say, I want them both ;).
I don't own any tip painters or stripers yet, so these would really come in handy!
They will cost €1,99 each, which is cheap to me.

Anyway, these are all the products of this Essence collection.
It will be in stores in January and in the Netherlands you can find it at Kruidvat (and maybe at Trekpleister).

Will you be looking out for some of these products?

Until next time,


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