Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Lush Stash

I've seen a lot of stash pictures on the Dutch Lush Forum recently and felt like sharing mine :D.

This is most of my Lush stash.
I also have some products at my mom's house since she has a bath and I like to take baths ;), and quite a stash at my boyfriends house.
I will probably post pics of those stashes in the future.

Shower Gels:

*First row: Aura Suavis, Avoshower, B Electro, Butterball, Flying Saucers, Ghost, Narcotick.

*Second row: Slammer, Snowcake, Snow Fairy, Sonic Death Monkey, Taai Taai, The Comforter, Uluru.

*Third row: Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Shower Gel (B Never), Glögg, Karma, 'Ol Blue Skies Is Back, Rub Rub Rub, The Olive Branch, Tramp.

Butter Creams, Soaps and Jellies:

*First row: Skinny Dip Butter Cream, Almond Butter, Almond Butter, Heavenly Bodies Butter Cream, Ring Of Roses Butter Cream, 5x Spice Curls Soap, Love Soap without glitter (in blocks), 17 Cherry Tree Lane Soap (in blocks).

*Second row: Snow Globe Soap, Matryoshka Soap Red, Matryoshka Soap Green, 3x Angels Delight Soap, Snowcake Soap, Orange, Spice And All Things Nice Soap, Red Rooster Soap, Porridge Soap, B Cocktail Soap (in blocks), Love Soap with glitter (in blocks).

*Third row: Jungle Soap, Gingerman Soap, 2x Ooh La La Soap, Lady Catrina Soap, Mudflats Soap, Spice Curls Soap (in blocks).

*Fourth row: Mudflats Soap, Keep It Fluffy Soap, Sultana Of Soap, Snowcake Soap, Strawberry Santa Jelly, Jingle Jelly, Gold, Frankincense And Beer Jelly, Iced Wine Jelly, Calacas Jelly, Chox Away Soap (in blocks), The Godmother Soap (in blocks).

And a big zip-lock bag with soap samples.

Bath Ballistics:

*First row: 3x The Ex-Factor, Twinckle, Half A Big Honey Bee Egg, Jacko.

*Second row: 2x Magic Egg, 3x Candy Fluff Egg (though they smell like Snow Fairy), 2x Honey Bee Bunny, Happy Chick, Jacko.

*Third row: 4x Big Blue, 4x Honey Bee, English Countryside Bunkin, Calavera, Keep It Fluffy Purple, So White (crushed), So White Matryoshka, Cinders Matryoshka.

*Fourth row: Big Blue, Big Blue (crushed), 2x Avobath, Ickle Baby Bot, Lil Lush Pud, Winter Bath, Cinders.

*Fifth row: 5x Think Pink, 2x Avobath.

Bubble Bar Slices:

*First row: 3x Flosty Gritter, 3x Bathos, 3x Ruby Red Slippers, 2x Candy Cane.

*Second row: Batty Cake, Love, Magic Mushroom, Dorothy, Ma Bar, Gingerbread House.

Bath Melts:

*First row: Marzibain bbs (was supposed to be with the Bubble Bar Slices), Floating Island.

*Second row: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ceridwyn's Cauldron.

Massage Bars And Oils:

*First row: 2x Once A Year, Two Hearts Beating As One Massage Oil, 2x Wiccy Magic Muscles.

*Second row: Nutts, Black Magic, Amazonian, 2x After 8:30, Fever, Christmas, an emotibomb for in the shower, The Soft Touch Body Butter, Bewitched.

*Third row: Therapy, Shimmy Shimmy, Sexy Boy, Business Time, Sore Labours, Cosmic Dreamcatcher.

Body Lotions And Dusting Powders:

*First Row: Artemis Cream, Artemis Cream, Charlotte Island, Potion, Skin Sin, 2x Smitten, Bare Naked Lady Dusting Powder.

*Second row: Creamy Candy Lotion, Handy Gurugu, Jungle, Skinny Dip, Skinny Dip.

*Third row: B Never Body Shimmer, Sympathy For The Skin, 2x Artemis Cream, Charity Pot, Potion, Skinny Dip, Skin Sin, 3x Something Wicked This Way Comes.

*Fourth row: Mr.T dusting Powder, Candy Fluff Dusting Powder, Honey Beehave Dusting Powder, Aromacreme Deodorant Cream.

I haven't made individual picture of hair care and facial care yet, but those products are on the following picture (you'' just have to look very hard ;) ).

Some things are not on the pics btw.
That includes all my Lush perfumes (I think I have more than 20 liquid and more than 10 solid by now *blush*) and shower gel to wash my hands with (500ml Badass Gel in the kitchen and 500ml Sonic Death Monkey in the bathroom) and I probably forgot some other things as well.

So what do you think of my stash?

Until next time,



  1. Ik hoop dat je weet dat die dingen ook een houdbaarheidsdatum hebben? Lijkt me zonder om de helft van dat spul weg te moeten gooien omdat het niet meer lekker ruikt o.i.d... Dit krijg je van je hele leven toch niet op???

  2. Moet je eens nagaan voor hoeveel geld daar ligt, je kan niet alles tegelijk gebruiken dus je zult ook weer spullen weg moeten gooien, dit vind ik erg zonde.

  3. Eigenlijk gaat mn Lush (en andere cosmeticamerken ooook) best wel snel op.
    Alleen zeep gaat niet zo snel, dus dat koop ik tegenwoordig een stuk minder ;).

    Kijk maar eens bij mn Project...Pan topics, dan zul je zien dat spullen best snel op gaan!

  4. wow thats a lot of lush products! lol

    Laura x

  5. Awesome!! A true Lushie's stash! I never have this much at one time as i like to use it up while its as fresh as possible but this was amazing to look at! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. This is a really huge Lush collection! WOW
    Boutique Bag Lady

  7. Kan je misschien wat kwijt voor me ? In mijn stad hebben ze geen lush winkel
    helaas en ik shop nooit ergens anders , en ik zou echt heeel egr graag 'n
    keertje een bruisbal willen proberen van lush en ik denk dat je er wel
    eentje kunt missen voor je lezeres xxx Bedia