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Review: Yves Rocher: Hydra Specific Facial Care

Today I will review the Hydra Specific Facial Care products by Yves Rocher.
I ordered them a few months ago, because I was searching for good facial care with a smaller price tag than Lush.

What I bought:
*Hydra Specific Soft Foam Cleanser
*Hydra Specific Tonic Water Mist
*Hydra Specific Moisture Boost Cream Gel Day
*Hydra Specific Deep Replenishing Care Night

As you can see, I bought the whole line ;) (except for the 7 day trial kit).

*Hydra Specific Soft Foam Cleanser

The new, 100% pleasure way to remove make-up
Get a well moisturized skin, just like that!
Soft Foam Cleanser lathers into a creamy foam to clean my skin with mildness. When rinsed, my skin is supple, sparkling and ready for facial care.
To finish my make-up removal: I spray Tonic Water Mist on my skin. This fresh mist wakes up my skin and leaves it moisturized.
Tested under dermatological supervision

Key botanical: Maple Sugar, Hamamelis water

Plus point:
A foam texture that’s ultra-sensual, creamy and light

Price: I bought it from the Dutch webshop, where it retails for €10,90 for 150ml, but I probably got it with a 40% or 50% discount.

Packaging: It's in a translucent blue plastic pump bottle, with a white pump and translucent cap.
There is a print on it in white and blue, and the packaging looks, fresh and sophisticated and gives a spa-like and expensive feeling.

Ingredients: Can't find them on the website, and typing them all is too much work, sorry!

Smell: This cleanser smells a bit watery, but doesn't have much of a smell.

Consistency: It's a foam when it gets pumped out of the bottle.

How to use: You wet you face, take off the cap and pump a few times, until you have enough product on the palm of your hand. Then massage it onto your face using circular movements (focusing more on the dirtier patches of you face) until you think you've cleansed you face enough. Then you rinse it off and when you are done showering (or washing at the sink), pat your face dry. It's best if you use the Hydra Specific Tonic Water Mist and the day or night cream as well!
Before putting the cap back on the pump, rinse the pump!

The result: Usually, after using a face wash, my face feels squeaky clean, but also dry and itchy :S. However, with this one my face felt clean but also hydrated and it wasn't dry or itchy at all!
My face was soft and hydrated and clean and ready for my facial care.
It's ok at removing make-up, but it isn't s great for removing make-up as an actual make-up remover!

*cleans well without drying your skin
*at actually hydrates your skin
*easy to use because of the pump bottle
*cheap (the price is low but Yves Rocher usually has sales and discounts as well!)
*easy to come by (by mail, webshop or phoning), most country's have their own webshop
*not tested on animals
*not as natural as Lush, but loads more natural than a lot of other brands
*combines great with the other Hydra Specific products, and will give you great skin if you use the whole line!

*not as natural as products by Lush

Verdict: Hydra Specific Soft Foam Cleanser does exactly what it should! It cleans your skin, but it doesn't dry your skin, but instead hydrates it. So you get clean, soft, hydrated skin, which I love. It's one of the few face washes that doesn't dehydrate my skin which is a plus!
It's also cheap and easy to come by, and more natural than a lot of brands.
It also isn't tested on animals.

Rating: I would rate this a 8,5 (out of 10), because it a great product, cheap and easy to come by and also more natural than a lot of other brands!

Would I buy this product again: yes!

*Hydra Specific Tonic Water Mist

Quite simply, well moisturised skin.
Ideal to finish cleansing the face, toning mister effectively eliminates all trace of make-up, tones the skin and provides first moisturisation. The ultra-refreshing texture procures a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Result: the skin is moisturised and supple, gently reviving the radiance of your complexion.

Price: €7,90 for 150ml at the Dutch webshop, though I got it with a discount :).

Packaging: A nice, blue, see though plastic, spray bottle, with an interesting shape.
It has a white and blue print on it, and it gives me a luxury feeling and makes me think of spa's.

Ingredients: Can't find them on the website.

Smell: It smells a bit like an aqua scent. Quite nice actually!

Consistency: Since It's a toner, it's pretty watery.

How to use: There are 3 possible ways of using this product:
1) when the weather's hot, spray it on your face during the day/night whenever you and your skin need to be refreshed.
2) spray it on a cotton pad and wipe the cotton pad over your skin. It's probably wise to use more than one cotton pad and to spray a lot of tonic on them, so you really clean your skin well, take off all the left-over grime, and prepare your skin well for your moisturiser.
3) when you are in a hurry or need to be refreshed, just spray a few sprays on your skin and spread it with your hands.

The result: My skin felt refreshed and soft! I also found that my skin absorbed my moisturiser better :D.

*easy to use
*refreshes your skin and makes it soft and makes your skin absorb moisturiser beter
*greatly refreshes when the weather's hot\
*easy to come by
*isn't tested on animals
*more natural than a lot of brands

*not as natural as products by Lush

Verdict: Great tonic, that refreshes you, makes your skin soft and makes it easier for your skin to absorb your moisturiser. Also cheap, easy to use, easy to come by, pretty natural (compared to other brands), though not as natural as Lush and not tested on animals. In other words: a great product!

Rating: I would rate this a 9, for the above reasons!

Would I buy this product again: yes! (I've used up a few bottles of this over the years, actually.)

*Hydra Specific Moisture Boost Cream Gel Day

Quite simply, well moisturised skin.
The perfect day care for dry to dehydrated skin. Procures 24 hours of well-being to the skin, reveals its radiance and original beauty.

Price: €13,50 for a 50ml pot (which I have) or €9,50 for a 40 ml tube. I got it, again, with a discount :D.

Packaging: Glass pot with a silver/grey lid. There's a print on the pot in white and blue. The loom gives me a luxury feel and makes me think of spa's.
The pot originally comes in a small box, which I had already thrown away before making the pictures.

Ingredients: Aren't listed on the website.

Smell: A nice aqua smell :D.

Consistency: Like a cream. Not heavy like a body butter at all. It's like a mix of a cream and a gel. Lighter than the night cream.

How to use: First use the face wash and the toner, then massage the Hydra Specific Moisture Boost Cream Gel Day into the skin of you skin, neck and cleavage.

The result: Most facial creams make my skin either greasy, dry and itchy, or a combination of those 2. My combination skin was very happy with this day cream though! It made my whole skin hydration, but it didn't make my skin greasy (especially my T-zone tends to get greasy) and it didn't give me any dry spots either. My whole skin was hydrated and felt soft.
It also got rid of a lot of redness in my face, which made my skin colour look a hell of a lot better! Another thing, which I though was miraculous, was that it made my wrinkles almost invisible *shock*. I guess I probably got wrinkles because my skin was dehydrated, and now my skin is hydrated so well they almost don't show anymore.
I also noticed my pores getting a little bit smaller, and that get less blackheads.
I still get pimples every now and then though, but they are gone faster than usual :D.

*smells nice
*is easily absorbed by the skin
*makes skin soft and hydrated without making your skin greasy or dry
*makes the appearance of wrinkles much less, because it hydrated so well
*makes your pores a bit smaller
*you get less blackheads when you use this
*pimples go away faster
*combines great with the Hydra Specific face wash and toner
*easy to come by
*easy to use
*not tested on animals
*pretty natural

*not as natural as products by Lush

Verdict: Great daily moisturiser, that makes your skin soft and hydrated, without making it dry or greasy. It makes wrinkles and pores less visible, makes you get less blackheads and makes pimples go away faster. Also cheap, easy to use, gets easily absorbed by the skin, easy to come by, pretty natural and not tested on animals. One of the best moisturisers I've tried in a long time!!!

Rating: I rate this a 9,5! I want to give it a 10, but I won't since It's not as natural as Lush.

Would I buy this product again: most definitely yes!!!

*Hydra Specific Deep Replenishing Care Night

Quite simply, well moisturised skin.
Containing a high concentration of maple sap, it helps regenerate skin during the night, soothes and relieves stress. The comfortable texture reveals your skin’s original beauty. On waking, it feels at ease and replenished.

Price: €15,50 for 50ml, but I got it with a discount ;).

Packaging: This cream comes in a glass pot with a silver/grey lid on it. There's a white/blue print on the pot, and to me it looks expensive an makes me think of spa's

Ingredients: They are not listed on the site!

Smell: I though at first that it smelled like an aqua scent combined but butterscotch, but now I know that that butterscotch smell is actually maple sap :D.

Consistency: It's a thick but light cream. Not runny but also not like a butter at all. It's lie a mix between a cream and a gel. It's a bit heavier than the day cream.

How to use: After using the Hydra Specific face wash and toner massage this night cream into your skin (don't forget your neck and cleavage!).

The result: This is a real miracle product! For some reason, this night cream makes me look beautiful when I wake up and get out of bed *shock*! You are supposed to look rubbish when you get out of bed, but with this product it's the opposite. My skin is very well hydrated though not greasy at all. All the redness that I usually have in my face is completely gone, and so are my wrinkles. Also, this night cream gives me a nice, radiant glow. It's incredible!!!

*makes skin very well hydrated
*completely gets rid of the redness
*makes wrinkles disappear almost completely (because it hydrates so well)
*gives skin a radiant glow
*makes you beautiful when you get out of bed!!!
*isn't greasy
*gets absorbed easily by the skin, so you won't go to bed with a greasy face
*easy to use
*easy to come by
*is not tested on animals
*pretty natural

*is not as natural as products by Lush

Verdict: Amazing product that makes you roll out of bed looking like a movie star! Hydrates skin very well, doesn't make it greasy. Gets rid of redness, makes wrinkles less, gives skin a radiant glow. It gets easily absorbed by the skin, is easy to use, cheap, easy to come by, pretty natural and isn't tested in animals!

Rating: I can't do anything other than rate it a 10 (even though it isn't as natural as Lush)!!!

Would I buy this product again: yes yes yes yes yes!

As you can see, these products are pretty great!
I don't always use the face wash, but I really can't go without the toner and the day cream, and especially not without the night cream!!!

Have you tried any of these products, or other facial care by Yves Rocher, or will you?

Let me know what you think in the comments, if you like.

Until next time,


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