Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Lush: Karma Shower Gel

I'm a big fan of shower gels with amazing scents and great hydrating and caring properties.
That's why I have quite a large shower gel collection, a different scent/effect for every mood.
The shower gels I love the most, are the shower gels by Lush.
Because of that I will review a shower gel by Lush today: Karma !!!

Karma Shower Gel is a shower gel that was a special edition for Queensday in the Netherlands this year.
It was only sold on that day in the Dutch webshop, and they only had around 30 bottles or so!
I had to be really quick to order to get myself some Karma.
Luckily, I ordered in time and was able to get a hold of 2 250g bottles :D.

Karma SG comes in a see-through bottle with a big black label and white letters and the Lush logo.
The packaging is simple but it has a luxury feel to it.
The cap is easy to open (which comes in handy if you've polished your nails ;) ) and the cap is also easy to close (so it won't leak in your bag!).

Karma shower gel has a deep orange colour.
It looks brown in the bottle, but out of the bottle it is orange.
This shower gel lathers up easily and you can wash your hair with it as well (though conditioner will be necessary then).

This shower gel smells deliciously like the signature Karma scent of incense, lemon grass and orange oil (amongst others).
To me this shower gel smells a bit sweeter than the Karma soap and it doesn't smell as lemongrassy as the Karma Body Lotion either.

After showering I can still smell the fragrance really well on my skin and hair.
The scent definitely lingers much longer than is the case with a lot of other shower gels :D.

My skin also feels really soft and hydrated, though I still use body lotion afterwards (I like it when my skin is hydrated at its best :D ).
Karma shower gel isn't as hydrating as Snowcake shower gel or Butterball shower gel (both Lush) but more hydrating than The Comforter shower gel (also Lush).

*smells nice
*ergonomic packaging
*you can also use it as a shampoo
*hydrates well (as far as a shower gel can)
*the scent lingers well on skin and hair after showering
*made with natural ingredients
*the ingredients and the products are not tested on animals
*the suppliers of the ingredients don't test on animals either
*doesn't contain a lot of chemicals (and the chemicals used are safe)

*it's a limited editon shower gel, so it isn't easy to come by and probably also expensive!
*it was also expensive when I bought it (approx. €15,00 for a 250g bottle!!!)
*when used as a shampoo you really need to use a conditioner
Great hydrating shower gel with the scent of Karma.
If you don't like the Karma scent, this isn't for you.
If you do like the Karma scent, you will love this :D.
Sadly, it's expensive and hard to come by :(.

Would I buy this product again: Yes!

Rating: 7,5
Because: it's a great shower gel that smells wonderful and hydrates well, but it's expensive and hard to come by and you really need conditioner afterwards.

Do you own a bottle of Karma or would you buy this?
Let me know what you think.

Until next time,


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