Thursday, July 29, 2010

*smiles and waves*

Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

I always dread writing a first blog (or a first post/message anywhere else), because I usually don't know what to say (or write) at such a time and get nervous.
As a result I tend to be too serious about what I'm trying to say and make a total goof of myself.

Luckily, I'm not always like this, so you can safely read every other entry :D.

So here comes the seriousness (duck and hide):

I started my first blog in april, but I didn't like the look and feel of my old blog anymore, so I started a new blog (that being this one).

I hope I will succeed in making this blog more likeable (both the lay-out and the contents) and that I will actually get some followers this time *crosses fingers*.

I plan to write about all sorts of things, including beauty, but not only.
The reason I don't want this blog to be just another beauty blog, is that I'm a curious type of person with too many interests (more than just beauty obviously) and I don't feel the need to have several blogs to write about different topics.
I just want ONE blog where I can spill my thoughts and write about whatever the hell I want (pardon my French).

So...that's exactly what I'm gonna do :D.

Until next time,


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