Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haul: Action Beauty Products

Yesterday, I went shopping at the Action.
They sell regular and expensive brand for small prices, the only thing that's different is that the packaging is in another language, like Polish or Russian.

I picked up a lightly tanning body lotion bye AXE (a brand especially for men).

It cost me only €0.69!

I also bought 2 blue Waterproof Body Art Pencils by L'Oreal, €0,29 each.

Action also has their own make-up brand, called "Max".
I bought some false lashes (set of 3) for €0,79.

And 2 nail polishes €0,45 each.

One is a dark, shimmery orange and the other one is a bright pink without shimmer.

And a set of 6 neon nailpolishes, also by Max (€1,39).

The colours are really bright and have shimmer in them.
I really like the colours and the polishes actually turn out to be really good (although I never expected that).

And last, but not least, I bought a bottle of Aloe Vera Gel (€1,79) which is great as an after-sun product.

Since it was really cheap, I could afford to shop a little without feeling guilty (I'm on a tight budget right now).
Essentially, I got all this for only €6,14 , so yay :D.

I'm thinking I might include some of these products in my first give-away, if these products prove to be any good.
Would that be a good idea, you think?

Do you occasionally shop at Action, or other cheap stores?
And do you like make-up by Max?
Let me know what you think.

Until next time,


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