Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Body Shop Make-Over :D

A few weeks ago I went to the Valentine VIP-Party hosted by the Body Shop in Leeuwarden, with a few lady friends/Lushies from Leeuwarden.

We were welcomed with a glass of prosecco, heartshaped chocolates and some other heartshaped candy.

We were able to try everything, smell everything and there were some discounts and sales (like a 50% discount on a body butter when you bought a perfume).

You could also get a free make-over :D, which I did!

I've been looking for the right foundation for ages!
It has to be light enough for my pale skin, and it can't make me orange (when it's too dark) or grey (when the foundation is to rosy).

I first tested 3 foundations on my hand:
1 mineral foundation in the lightest colour and 2 liquid foundations in the 2 lightest colours.
The looked good on my skin!

Then I got a make-over by one of the employees of TBS.
She tested different colours of foundation on my skin and then chose colour number 4.
This was a very light colour, but there are 3 lighter colours which must be extremely light!
(So if you are looking for a light foundation, look no further than the Body Shop!)

After the foundation (Moisture Foundation SPF 15 in the colour 04) she applied powder on my face to mattify my skin and a bronzer (from those cute bronzing pearls) as a blush.
Then she applied eye shadow from shimmer cubes in nude and brown shades and also a terracotta colour.
She also framed my eyes with a dark eye pencil and gave my lashes a thick layer of mascara.
Then she put some dark eyebrow powder between the hairs in my eyebrows.
After that she applied some clear gloss to my lips and my make-over was done!

I looked nice, but it wasn't a daytime look.
It was better suited for a night out, but I did like it a lot.

It felt a little strange walking around with so much make-up on my face, but I got used to it and I got some nice comments.

I felt weird going to the supermarket wearing this.
I couldn't figure out why everyone was staring at me *rolls eyes*, until I got home and looked in the mirror :D.
Yes, it was a bit much for grocery shopping ;).

Close-up of the eyes:

Sorry for the dark pictures btw!
When I made these pictures it was about 1.30 in the morning and there wasn't enough light.

The colours where much brighter, darker and more sparkly than they look on the pics.
On the pics it doesn't look like I'm wearing much make-up, you can barely see the foundation, and the smoky-eyes don't look very smoky ;).

I made these pictures 7 hours after the make-over so the make-up lasts really well on my face (even though I had a fever and kept touching my face).

De foundation still looks perfect, the blush is less prominent (which I like) and all the eye make-up is still perfect as well.
What surprises me is that the eye shadow didn't crease even though I wasn't wearing an eye shadow base.
Off course the lip gloss was gone, so I applied Merry Cranberry Lip Balm (also by the Body Shop) for the pictures.

I was very happy with this make-over and I'm thinking about getting a make-over more often.
The employees of TBS really know a lot about make-up and colours/skintones and what looks good on someone, and they also know how to apply it ;).

If you ever get the chance to have a make-over I really recommend you take that chance!
Also, if you happen to go out after that that's two birds with one stone :D.

What do you think about my make-over?
Do you like it or is it too much?
And have you ever had a make-over at TBS?

Until next time,


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